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Ensure Jewish tomorrows at Congregation Beth El with a Legacy gift

We thank and honour our Legacy donors!

Your legacy gifts will strengthen the

Beth El Jewish community for generations to come.

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More than sixty years ago, the founders of Congregation Beth El had a vision to create a congregation where Jewish friends and families would come together to connect, grow, celebrate, and raise their children in a Jewish environment of inclusion and equality. 

Today, Beth El is a community dedicated to continuing the education and traditions of our faith.  We are committed to guiding our youth as they integrate their Jewish values in an increasingly complex world.  As a spiritual family, we celebrate simchas together, learn together, raise and educate our children with love for our Jewish heritage, and support one another in times of challenge and loss. 

Beth El is a sanctuary, a spiritual home where the depth of Jewish tradition and the meaning of Jewish values is alive, a community where we celebrate and mourn together, where we experience today’s Judaism, and where we look forward to a Jewish future together. 

Our legacy donors are people just like you, who love and treasure our sacred family.  Our legacy donors believe that investing in children assures our Jewish future. By becoming a legacy donor, you will join with others to ensure that Congregation Beth El continues to be relevant; a place where individual Jews and families become part of our extended spiritual family: learning, praying, celebrating, and mourning together, committed to the highest ideals of our tradition, and embracing new and creative interpretations to keep our tradition alive and growing for generations to come.  Please join us!

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